Just like other hormones, men experience decline in testosterone production with age. It resembles female menopause but it is less restrained. Poor sex drive is what faced by men going through Andropause.

Another reason that causes poor testosterone level in men is low production of Luteinizing Hormone with age. In older men the storage of testosterone binding protein called Male Hormone Binding Globulin increases then decreasing free testosterone in blood that otherwise gets available to the muscles.
Factor of aging influences the daily testosterone cycle of men, as well. Youngsters experience high testosterone levels in the morning while this is diminishing in older people. This lowering down of testosterone production and other signs linked to testosterone deficiency are collectively termed as Andropause.
In men the production of testosterone remains at peak during puberty and adulthood. But as the age goes up, the production graph goes down. A body faces low testosterone production and hence worsening sexual performance.


What is the way to rescue?

Testosterone Therapy is effective in regulating the declining testosterone levels in the body of men. The patients are prescribed synthetic testosterone for treating extremely low testosterone production. Testosterone Therapy products are available in the form of injections, patches and gels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy- Benefits

Advantages of Testosterone Therapy are for overall improvement in health. Some include

  • Improved memory system
  • Enhanced libido and sperm production
  • Improved sex performance
  • Controlled cholesterol level
  • Promotion of lean muscle mass
  • Lowered fat deposits
  • Increased red blood cells production
  • Boosted energy level

The TRT hormones are bio-identical to real Testosterone molecule
Testosterone replacement therapy is for improving the production of testosterone only. It doesn’t affect other hormones present in human body. This therapy doesn’t involve any risks as the hormones used are all natural and resemble the molecules of testosterone hormone produced inside body. It’s all about better health and enjoyable sexual life.

Do you want to give a boost to your testosterone? Come for our Testosterone Replacement Therapy that guarantees healthy sex organs and satisfied sex performance. Claim to better and healthy life- your wish- our promise.