• New York HGH Hormone Investigation–Entertainment Industry Is the Target

    Using steroids to enhance performance or to remain young for longer years is in limelight whether through probing or an open admitting of consumption. From sports to arts, steroids are gaining popularity day by day. The bad thing about steroids is the illegal status. Concerned authorities are probing into many cases where steroids are consumed by stars.

    Steroids And Music Industry

    According to reports published in Albany, Times Union of New York, many music industry stars and bands are being investigated about using steroids. The names include 50 Cent, Wyclef, Timbaland, Mary J Blige.

    Shocking Revealing Of Albany Based Report

    It is reported authentically in the report that there is no limit to the number of musicians who are somehow involved in placing orders of human growth hormone in the injection form. It is also reported on behalf of law enforcers that no violation of custom laws was observed in all these cases. In actual they have got the prescription from their doctors, clinics, and pharmacists. Clinics that prescribe such medication specifically deal in anti aging products.

    Entertainment Industry Is Already Facing Challenges

    Entertainment industry as currently facing challenges of HGH hormone injections consumption and probing was already having use of anti aging treatments like that of fat, collagen, and botox. There seems nothing special when we look at the popularity graph of HGH therapy or specifically the injection form.

    Reports Are Not Fake, But With Proof

    Times Union claims that its reports don’t have any fake basis, but with solid proof. There are witnesses from Long Island, New York. The shipments were made under fictitious names, but delivered to Blige and others in the entertainment industry. Destination s were also different, sometimes studios, sometimes hotels or personal residences. Michael Diamond, a chiropractor in Long Island is also one suspect though not directly, but because of receiving medicines on behalf of popular stars. He is actually thought of being supporting anti aging treatment program in his office.

    Diamond refused to disclose the names of his patients because he is of the view that there are laws regarding privacy of patients that prevent him from discussing such matters publically.

    Steroids probe is not just limited to the embers of entertainment industry; there are many wrestlers, policemen, body builders, NFL players who are involved in such illegal use of steroids. Investigation is underway and eyes are there to see what would be the result. Whether the conclusion may be, there should be a clear though about legal or illegal status of HGH as anti aging treatment.