• Male Menopause – what is it and is it real?

    A menopause for men? Yes. Often referred to by its clinical name Andropause, it is very real and no man escapes it. Male menopause is cause by a decline in male hormones – testosterone, thyroid, DHEA that starts in the late 20’s. Most men can detect symptoms by age 35 to 40.

    It is real because numerous studies have supported that fact. It is also real because hundreds of thousands of men have treated the symptoms of male menopause and had those symptoms go away in 3 to 5 weeks after starting treatment.


    The symptoms of male menopause / andropause are as follows:

    • Decreased mental quickness and sharpness
    • Decreased energy, strength and endurance
    • Less desire for activity and exercise
    • Decreased muscle and increased body fat
    • Night sweats and trouble sleeping
    • Mild to moderate depression and irritability
    • Depression and/or loss of eagerness and enthusiasm for daily life
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Decreased sexual function and/or sensitivity

    It is sometimes difficult for men to admit to the symptoms of male menopause / andropause because unlike women, the symptoms of male menopause / andropause develop slowly and men tend to adjust to the change. It usually takes a catalyst such as this article, a friend, wife, etc., bringing to the man’s attention that they are feeling less that optimal and there may be a treatable cause. It is also difficult for men to admit to a “male menopause” because it is not the “manly thing to do”. “Who me have problems with my hormones? No way, that is for women and wimps”.


    Treatment for male menopause / andropause is not only safe, it is healthy. It consists of testing hormone levels and replacing hormones to levels the man had when he felt his best and was at his healthiest – age 20 to 30.

    Studies done 5 to 10 years ago attested to the safely of hormone replacement for men. For example, hormones, including testosterone, do not cause cancer. Over the past 5 years, studies have attested to the health benefits of hormone replacement for men. As an example, the largest concentration of testosterone receptors is in the heart. Second largest is in the brain and the third is in the muscle-skeletal system. It is predicted that the day is close at hand when studies will show a very positive effect of healthy hormones in preventing chronic illness such as weak heart and Alzheimer’s.

    Previous generation live under the mantra of “grow old gracefully”. Modern science and medicine has given us the tools to not only fight, but also manage the aging process.


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