• How can whole body vibration machine help gaining more muscle strength?

    Full body vibration machines, no matter if we talk about the complex ones or the simpler and more economical vibration plates can help you tons when it comes to getting in shape and gain a better physique. Let’s see how vibration help you achieve strength and power this time.

    Muscle Strength & Flexibility pros of full body vibration machine:

    • It helps to revive muscles by way of forcing them to contract then relax tons of times even for the duration of a ten minute exercise. This adds a definite boost to the regular exercise routine.
    • It supports a positive change in body composition: Through the activation of a high number of muscles in the same time, the machine will definitely help in toning, especially when combined with callisthenic exercises such as stretching or squatting based training.
    • Vibration based callisthenic programs can help reduce the fat especially around the abdominal area.
    • It helps to improve flexibility: by way of getting muscles used to working again, it will definitely push the boundaries of the prior state.
    • The constant vibrating movement will also promote the increase of human growth hormone via raised testosterone levels.

    Vibration Training and Muscle Damage pros

    There are tons of marketing texts and promotions which will promote the machines as something that can help double muscle weight and power within a short time. That’s exactly why I feel that it’s necessary to add that all these pros can only really help when your vibration machine is supported by an already well worked out training that’s part of an active exercise plan also involving dynamic cardio training and a good diet.

    Vibration Training and Muscle Damage pros

    • This specific training means that one needs shorter periods of exercise on a daily basis in order for the program to be at least as effective as the normal form of exercising. You will need a max of daily 15-20 mins on this machine.
    • It helps in reducing soreness after exercise making one feeling overall more fit to do the daily program. This way it’s also great in reducing the risks of muscle damage.
    • The machine is proved to have a joint and ligament strengthening effect too.

    Apart from all the positive effects on muscles the vibration based training has tons of other positive effects too, that’s why it’s actively used by those who want a relief from an upper back pain, who want to feel more relaxed ( as the vibrations decrease stress hormones, therefore they are also effective as relaxants).

    Of course, this machine cannot do wonders and if you want the complex one in your home, you will need to spend a lot of money for it. But the smaller vibration plates only cost a small fragment of this, so you can give a try to one of those. These can be integrated with any static stretching or squatting based exercises such as calisthenics or even yoga.

    Before starting training with a whole body vibration machine consult your trainer and/or doctor for the best and safest results.