• Hormone Replacement Therapy Good Or Bad?

    Hormone replacement therapy becomes the cause of cancer or not? This is still a question. Different studies have been conducted in this genus. Lancet conducted a study in UK, conducted a study with 950,000 post menopausal women. This study was carried through a period of five years. The study aimed at investigating the link between ovarian cancer incident and hormone replacement therapy. The hypothesis of this research was that women who use hormone replacement therapy are at an increased risk of incidental and fatal ovarian cancer.

    However, many adults take this therapy irrespective of the risks involved. People are more concerned about eradicating wrinkles from their face and maintaining the elasticity of their skins. They do not care about the possible side effects. Nevertheless, hormone replacement therapy is very fruitful in controlling wrinkles. Studies have shown that post menopausal women who have gone through the therapy for at least five years or less have fewer wrinkles as compared to the ones who do not go for the treatment at all.

    The journal of dermatology recommended its readers to go for a hormone replacement therapy. They refer this therapy for reversing the natural loss of facial tissue pr plumpness, which is common with aging.

    Solution To Problems Of Middle Age

    Reading this function of hormone replacement therapy might sound like a cosmetic redeemer, however, it offers many other benefits as well. With this therapy you come over the daily life problems of lack of concentration, mood swings, lack of sex drive, depression, tension, and other problems.

    This genus needs more research because the experts make up two diversions. One is against group and the other is favored group. This diversion confuses the readers and they have problems in deciding whether to go for it or not. If you wish to go for such therapy discuss your case in detail with your physician and know more about the possible side effects.