• All you need to know about the full body vibration machine

    In this article I would like to introduce you to some key information about one of the newest fitness inventions on 2016 which is the full body vibration machine. What makes this machine so special? It has tons of attributes which won’t only help you if you are on a diet, but they are way more beneficial for multiple reasons. Let’s get to see these, in the below list and description.

    What is it?

    All you need to know about the full body vibration machine

    This is a specific device that will really make all parts of your body move: or vibrate to be more specific. The power and the performance is up to your own preferences. The machine has tons of benefits to the health and inspires you to live healthier and happier too. Let’s see some of its biggest positive attributes:

    What problems can a whole body vibration machine help with or resolve?

    There is a long list of good things that come with this machine, no wonder that these days these are some of the most popular fitness machines ever.

    • It helps maker muscles simply better by forcing them to react, to contract and all in all to move. This will make them react all the faster.
    • Thanks to the muscle movement the circulation will also get better, which will deliver the feeling of freshness in the whole body.
    • The heightened circulation will also give way to the creation of higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone that’s essential for those wanting to build muscles.
    • It helps to stabilize blood pressure
    • It helps maintaining a good posture
    • It can also improve with balance related issues
    • The machine is said to help in improving bone density.
    • One 10-15 min exercise with the implementation of the vibration machine is worth about 30 minutes of regular exercise.
    • It helps relieving pain
    • When combined with the proper therapeutic exercises it can greatly help those who are rehabilitated because of a major accident or other deformations.
    • It can help the elderly and those with movement problems to still move.
    • It helps decrease cortisol which is the hormone responsible for stress.
    • And as an extra it even helps in reducing skin cellulitis.

    Apart from all the good features, these machines are not recommended for everyone. That’s why if you suffer from a condition or state that’s different from normal, definitely consult your therapeutic before investing in a device.

    Types of machines

    Types of machines

    There are two key types of machines: one is the large and heavy one which is more stable and more complex, that’s exactly why you can get to find these in gyms and not in homes. With the price of over 3000 USD this is not exactly a machine you may want to bring home. But luckily producers have thought of users’ convenience too, therefore they started to create other options too, one of which is called full body vibrating plate which is lightweight but you can sit and stand on it, you can carry it around and take it with you also when you travel.
    I hope I could help you in your choice of investing in such a very unique machine.